We are days away from the end of the 3rd quarter.  Next week we will roll into play week, then the Cougar Fun Run Fundraiser, followed very quickly by Terra Nova Testing, Spring Break, class trips, prom, end of year activities and then May 17th— THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!! We’re holding’ on as we try to stay out in front of things!!

Let me first begin with a couple of “housekeeping” items.  Please remember to be mindful. of the traffic signs while driving on campus.  In particular, cars exiting the lower lot have a yield sign.  We have had a couple of near-accidents as cars driving out of the lower lot have not yielded.  Please drive safely while on campus.

Secondly, please be mindful as to how you portray the school on social media.  I understand that not everyone appreciates our policies or decisions. I also realize that our greatest marketing platform is “word of mouth” from those associated with the school.  I also assume that families who have students here want CCS to grow and be successful.  However, it doesn’t help the school or the situation when we post negative comments about the school online.  Social media can be a wonderful platform to stay connected with people and promote the school.  It can also hurt feelings and create problems.  I would ask that you please consider the potential damage you can do to CCS, by criticizing the school and its policies, teachers and administration. If you have something you would like to talk to administration about, please schedule a meeting.  Thank you for protecting the reputation and standing of CCS in the public arena.

Finally, we have attempted to provide a safe environment for the use of the Chromebooks at CCS.  We have spent thousands of dollars on upgraded Internet filters and monitoring software.  However, we left YouTube accessible.  Unfortunately, with some recent content appearing on YouTube, we have decided to block YouTube while the Chromebooks are on the school’s domain. While this may prevent teachers having students access valuable content while on campus, we feel that this is the prudent thing to do.  However, students will have access to YouTube when they are on their home domain.  This will allow parents to set their own standards at home.  CCS will still receive notifications for inappropriate content being accessed (questionable Internet searches and pornographic, violent, gambling, etc.). Here is a link from ACSI regarding the latest “craze” being thrown at your children: ACSI Info Sheet on Momo Challenge.  Please continue to pray for wisdom for our faculty and staff, parents and students in dealing with access and content on the world wide web.

PLAY WEEK: Its time for the play!!  This year they are performing “Shrek the Musical”.  There will be three public showings:

  • Friday, March 15 – 7 p.m.
  • Saturday, March 16 – 7 p.m.
  • Sunday, March 17 – 4 p.m.

Here is a link to purchase tickets: http://ccsky.org/shrek-the-musical.  There will also Shrekbe “Character Breakfast” on Saturday morning, March 9th from 9-11 a.m. in the CCS cafeteria.  Cast members from the play will perform a few songs and will do a meet and greet with all attendees.  There will also be coffee, juice and donuts.  You can sign-up for this breakfast in the school office.

SCHOOL IMPROVEMENTS: THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, for your support toward the Bus Campaign.  The new bus has been ordered and should arrive this summer.  We had a few fencing companies provide us with estimates and expect to begin building the bus stalls shortly after school ends.  Additionally this summer we are planning to finish the replacement of the elementary HVAC units.  This will cost us around $40,000 to finish this project.

We strive to provide an excellent Christ-centered education to all of our students.  In an effort to enhance our STEM offerings, we are excited to announce our newest endeavor.  Calvary’s science labs are in desperate need of refurbishing.  They are the original labs built in the mid 1970’s. I have received estimates to completely gut and update our two existing labs.  The total cost is $39,000.  I am hoping to cover half of this cost from within the school budget.  The additional $19,500, I am hoping to raise through donations and grants.  If you so feel led and have the capabilities, please prayerfully consider helping us accomplish this project this summer.  Below is a short video explaining the project.

Please participate in the Cougar Fun Run!  All proceeds from this fundraising effort will go directly toward the HVAC replacements and the Science Lab renovation.

COLLEGE READINESS: Finally, as we look toward next year, I am excited to announce that we are planning to offer 9 dual credit classes taught on the CCS campus and 8 additional Advanced Placement courses, this will allow students to begin earning college credit as early as their sophomore year.  This is on top of online courses and courses taken off-campus for credit (click here for the CCS Parent/Student Handbook and information on our dual credit policy and procedures).  Dual credit courses not only provide a student with a head start in college, but the classes cost almost 1/10th of what you will pay for the same course their freshman year in college.  Additionally, we will also offer an ACT Prep Course.  Students taking the ACT Prep course this year have raised their subject and composite scores by an average of 3 points, with two months of class remaining.

As the weather warms up (in theory), I hope that the rebirth of nature in the form of buds, green grass and chirping birds reminds you of the love of God and the common bond that we have through His Son, Jesus Christ.