The beginning of the 2018-2019 school year brings a measure of thrill and hope.  I walked through the building the day before our students arrived and admired our facility and the hardwork of the teachers and staff.  The floors were unscuffed, the carpet was shampooed, all the HVAC worked, the lockers were clean and empty, the glass sparkled, the corners of the posters were unbent and there was a general sense of promise and excitement.

However, no matter how nice and new everything looked, I knew I was walking a battlefield.  There will be unseen warfare over our faculty and staff, our students and our families.  It will manifest itself in temptation, conflict and difficulties.  Spiritual warfare is real and our faculty and staff, students and families will be the target of our enemy.  My prayer is for strength, safety, protection and perseverance.

For our faculty and staff, I pray that God will give them wisdom and patience as they deal with the myriad of challenges they will face in the classroom and hallways, and on the fields and courts.  I pray that God will guard them from weariness and the temptation to take shortcuts. I pray that God will provide for all of their needs as they make the necessary sacrifices to teach at CCS.

For our students, I pray that God will guard and grow their hearts and minds.  I pray that they will follow the example of Jesus in their interaction with each other.  I pray that they will understand their primary role as a student is to learn and that they will work hard as unto the Lord.  For those who are unsaved, I pray that God will break through the hardness of their hearts and bring them to faith.

For our families, I am aware of the sacrifices that are made to send their children to CCS.  I pray that God will provide for our families’ needs and help them see the importance of Christian education.  I pray that God will put a hedge of protection around them providing for physical safety and a continued closeness to God and each other.

For our seniors, I pray that God will direct their path and that He would guide them in the decisions they need to make regarding their futures.  I pray that they have not only learned content, but learned how to think. I pray that they will ask the right questions and wait patiently for the right answers.  I pray that God will keep them pure, remove arrogance and pride, and draw them close to Him.  I pray that they will seek and use the wise path.

For myself, I pray for wisdom.  I know better than anyone else, my shortcomings and my weaknesses.  I pray that God will provide me wisdom and skill beyond my training and talents.  I pray that He will surround me with people who are strong where I am weak.

For CCS, I pray that God will provide for the financial needs of the school.  Specifically, I pray that God will provide us with funding to purchase a new bus to provide safe and reliable transportation for our students.  I pray that God will provide us with the best year in CCS history as we try to produce students who are “Firmly Established and Steadfast in the Faith.”

Please join me in this prayer.