Normally, these blogs are about the school and school related activities.  There is lots of great news.  Our 2018-2019 test scores were phenomenal (Terra Nova, ACT and AP). We will be offering more dual credit courses than we have ever offered.  We are on the front end of a 5-year accreditation with ACSI, SACS, NCAC, NWAC and the Kentucky Non-Public Commission.  Our enrollment looks like we will be over 400 students for the first time since I have been here as Headmaster.  We were able to get a phenomenal amount of work completed on the facility over the summer.   We have much to be thrilled about going into the 2018-2019 school year.

However, while this one is related to the school, I wanted to share something involving my personal life. Most of you know that I am in the Air Force Reserve and am stationed in the Chief of Chaplains office at the Pentagon as the Mobilization Assistant to the Chief of Chaplains.  In June, my boss, Chaplain, Major General Dondi Costin retired from the military and took the position as President of Charleston Southern University.  His retirement has left a hole at the Pentagon while we wait for Presidential Nominations and Senate Confirmations to occur for the Chief of Chaplains and the Deputy Chief of Chaplains.  I was asked to come on orders for 90-120 days to fill the void.  I explained my civilian responsibilities and told them that I could not commit this amount of time at this point.  However, I will be serving 21 days, spread out over the next 3 months.  These will consist of several 2 or 3 day trips and one 5 day trip.  This will get the Air Force through the confirmation process and two General Officers back in the Chief of Chaplains office full-time.

Regarding the two classes I teach.  CCS’s current schedule allows those classes to meet approximately 25-30% more often than the on-campus college equivalent would meet.  Therefore, we will still have ample time to cover the material and still be meeting more than on-campus classes.  I will work with the students in my classes regarding my days out of the office.

I want to thank you for your patience and support during this time.  The administrative staff at CCS is very talented and very capable of handling anything that may come up.

Now who’s ready for Friday?!?  I am . . . almost. (-: