I hope you all had a wonderful Spring Break.  We return to CCS refreshed, excited and ready to finish the year strong.  We were able to enjoy Spring Break because of the results from our ACSI/AdvancED Accreditation Visit.  The team had a good visit and were very pleased with what they saw. They are recommending to the commission that CCS get the full 5-Year ACSI/AdvancED Accreditation!! When looking at the 8 standards, the team felt that CCS “Exceeded Compliance” on Standard 1 and were “Compliant” on the rest.  They had no recommendations for Standards 1, 3, 7 and 8.  They provided 19 commendations, four of which were “major”. They noted 6 recommendations, two of which were major.  We will focus on capitalizing on our commendations and addressing the recommendations over the next year.  Thank you for your support as we move forward.  Here is the full list of the commendations and recommendations (major commendations and recommendations are in BOLD).


  1. The Executive Committee and administration have created implemented and communicated excellent foundational documents which serve as a strong support for all the functions of Calvary Christian School. (1.1, 1.2)
  2. The school has demonstrated a commitment to the development of each student to grow spiritually, academically, socially and physically which results in the achievement of its expected student outcomes. (1.5)
  3. The Executive Committee has identified and positioned strong leadership personnel that has significantly strengthened thee organization and set a path for excellence in several areas. (2.3, 2.4)
  4. The administration and staff positively responded to last minute changes in the interpretation of Indicator 2.9 regarding financial review for the school and persevered through many hours of additional work and adjustments to accommodate the revised expectations due to the change in the budget totals prior to the pre-visit and visit of the accreditation team. (2.9)
  5. The administration and faculty has established effective communication with its constituents through multiple channels. (3.4)
  6. The CCS Guidance Department is a strength of the school that was established in 1997 and is guiding and supporting students’ academic, behavioral and social growth. (2.8, 3.10)
  7. The school has developed various activities including athletics, fine arts, academics and other interest-based activities for all students. (3.12)
  8. Every year each CCS staff member must sign the school Statement of Faith and a Declaration of Moral Integrity which ensures that the school will adhere to its mission, vision, philosophy and core values. (4.1)
  9. Both the Headmaster and the Elementary Principal have attained their ACSI certification but also have earned advanced degrees which better equips them to provide more effective leadership for CCS. (4.4)
  10. Calvary Christian School has 100% of its teachers holding ACSI certification. (4.6)
  11. The number of instructional and support staff with their professional preparation surpasses what is normally expected of a school the size of CCS, which provides improved learning in both curricular and extracurricular training (4.10)
  12. The EE Director and teachers are highly qualified with degrees that exceed the required credentials and are educated, loving and nurturing believers in Christ. (4.4a, 4.5a)
  13. At CCS Bible is included in the curriculum for every student. (5.3)
  14. The elementary school has a creative discipline system, HOW I ACT, which provides teachers with a framework to effectively teach their students self-control by providing graduated consequences for smaller infractions. (5.14)
  15. The daily schedule for the early education program provides for stability, security and flexibility to meet the group’s needs and developmentally appropriate materials and furnishings are used to enhance learning. (5.5c, 5.10a)
  16. The administration and staff have created a comprehensive School Crisis Plan which includes a thorough definition and response that results in a safe environment for the students. (6.1)
  17. The cafeteria staff is fully compliant with local, state and federal regulations regarding food prep and provides multiple nutritious offerings so CCS families and students have quality options for snacks and lunch. (6.8, 6.9)
  18. An environment where staff and students display a love for God and others is embraced, fostered and assessed at Calvary Christian School. (7.2, 7.4)
  19. Calvary Christian School has clearly developed a comprehensive and systematic process for continuous school improvement planning that includes a broad range of stakeholders. (8.1)


  1. Develop a systematic self-evaluation process and job descriptions for the Executive Committee and its officers. (2.1)
  2. Schedule professional development for the faculty and staff to provide training on the analysis and disaggregation of assessment data, as well as, offer additional expertise on biblical integration and its implementation. (4.7, 5.7)
  3. Document faculty meetings, professional development training, and any other staff collaboration events to benefit the learning process not only for the staff, but also for the students, to enhance the achievement of the school’s expected student outcomes. (4.12)
  4. Advance the training for teaching assistants to attain the new required education and credentials. (4.5b)
  5. Create a cycle of implementation and monitoring that ensures the completion and ongoing utilization of curriculum maps for every subject and grade level that contain the identified components found in Indicator 5.2. (5.1, 5.2)
  6. Write a facility plan that addresses future program changes, needs of staff/facility/technology, and the future capital improvements, which will guide all expansion. (6.15)


Special “THANKS” to the CCS PTCA for all of their hard work on behalf of CCS.  This $13,000 donation represents their love and support of our mission.  We couldn’t do what IMG_4506we do without their help. This donation will be used to purchase a new and upgraded security system for CCS.  In addition, the funds are being used to repair some of the crumbling concrete walkways around the school.

This leads me to apologize for the inconvenience of the closed ramp and upper parking lot.  The repairs were to be finished over Spring Break, but weather and broken machinery prevented this from being completed.  I am sorry for the inconvenience this has caused for morning drop-off and midday K-5 pick-up.  Hopefully, it will all be back to normal by the end of the week.