Happy Valentine’s Day!! We celebrate this every year, by giving cards, chocolates and roses – all good things. But the roots of “SAINT” Valentine’s Day stem back to the early days of the church and the martyrdom of a man who was compelled to share his Christian faith with the Roman Emperor. It cost him his life, reminding us of the sacrifices of those that went before us and the true meaning of love.

I’m excited to remind you that the pilot episode of the “Third Thursday with Dr. Dickens” podcast goes live tomorrow, Thursday, Feb. 15th. This monthly podcast will consist of pertinent school announcements, some thoughts and ideas about CCS, education in general and interviews with students, faculty, alumni and parents. You can access the podcast by subscribing through iTunes or from a button on the bottom of the CCS App home screen. I hope you will join us.

We are coming to the end of the course on our accreditation process. We have our final pre-visit meeting with the team leader in March and the visit is scheduled for April 4-6, 2018. Mark your calendar for Friday, April 6th, there will be a public sharing of the accreditation results with the school family in the CCS Cafeteria at 3:40 pm.

0559_001As part of the accreditation process, we surveyed our student body. One of the common responses we received from the middle and high school students was that they showed up to school tired. Mr. Luke Wagner, one of our high school teachers, pondered this response and came up with the diagram below, illuminating the cycle that this lack of rest could create.

There are numerous studies that show the damaging effects when there is a lack of quality of rest.    This is something to consider when monitoring our child(ren)’s bedtime on a school night.

Don’t forget about our Cougar Fun Run and Annual Campaign. We have made great progress this year. We are currently $40,000 shy of reaching our Annual Campaign goal of $130,000. We have four months left to reach this important goal, so please consider giving to this important fund. Also be sure and sponsor a child for our Fun Run. We have some great incentives, including a pretty big incentive for a whole class, if the class goal is reached, more on this later. More information about our Cougar Fun Run will be e-mailed to you later this month. Thanks for continuing to support CCS.   It is vital to our mission.

The opt-in process for the Continuous Enrollment has been very encouraging, with over 96% opting in for 2018-2019. Please pray for CCS as we have entered into our open enrollment period, that God would bring us the students we need for the 2018-2019 school year. Have a blessed day!!