Almost seven years ago when I became the Administrator at Calvary Christian School, there were feelings among some of the school families that there was a lack of clear and open communication. I quickly knew that one of my major responsibilities was to rebuild trust and “flatten” communication. In order to solve this issue, various actions took place.

The first thing we did was start this blog as a way of sharing information about the school and my vision for the future of CCS. This also became a venue to promote the needs of the school and upcoming events. We have almost 200 subscribers and about 250 readers that visit the blog when a new post is published.

The second thing we did was move to open school board meetings. The first part of each Executive Committee meeting is open to the public. While we have opened these meetings in an effort to share information, few have taken advantage of this opportunity and that’s OK. This makes me believe that our families trust us, that’s our goal.

The third thing we did was the creation of the “20/20 Vision” Strategic Plan. This plan was created by a team of 20 people representing all of the school’s constituencies, from students and alumni to parents and faculty members. This strategic plan is guiding our decision-making and spending.   It was presented to the school family last April and is accessible on the CCS webpage.

Also, CCS has moved toward greater innovation and creativity. This year we added a video marketing class that utilizes technology and the creative juices of our students to create videos promoting CCS to the public. You’ve seen some of these videos on CCS social media sites. Additionally, we will be moving to a one-to-one technology program next year. Every 5th-12th grade student will utilize Chromebooks for their classes.  This will enhance student participation, address student with various learning styles, teach responsible use of technology and familiarize our students with computer usage in a safe environment.

Another exciting piece of this innovation is the creation of “Third Thursday,” a CCS podcast. Additionally, the podcast is another step in creatively increasing our avenues of communication. We realize people are busy and reading a blog may not always be convenient or possible. This podcast can be listened to in the car, on the treadmill or sitting at your desk. You will be able to access it from the CCS App.  The first episode will air on February 15th, the third Thursday in February. Subsequent episodes will air the third Thursday of every month.

I’m excited about the content. I will share some thoughts during each episode. I will also make you aware of news and upcoming events and deadlines. I am most excited about the interviews within each episode. There will be an interview with parents, alumni, faculty members and CCS students in each episode (with parental permission). There will be some serious content, but we will also have some fun.   I hope you will find this podcast both enjoyable and informative.

If you haven’t opted-in to our new Continuous Enrollment process, please do it soon. Enrollment will open to the public next week. To secure your child’s seat for the 2018-2019 school year, please complete the simple opt-in process ASAP.

Have a great week and we look forward to you joining us for the podcast on the 15th.