Sadly, Spirit Week ends this weekend. It has been a wonderful week! Students, faculty, and parents have enjoyed various Spirit Week events. We culminate this weekend with the Cougar Classic and Spirit Court. This time of year also leads us into the opt-in period for our new continuous enrollment and then open enrollment as we begin to look at the 2018-2019 school year.

The average American student who graduates from high school will have spent just over 15,000 hours in school (that represents over 2,200 days and about 6 full years). This does not include homework or extra-curricular activities. When it is all said and done, they will walk out of school with three lasting things: a diploma, memories and a way of viewing the world.

Education is a significant investment in the future of your child, both in time and expense. I know that there are many of you who make significant sacrifices to have your child(ren) at CCS. I also know that during this time of year, people weigh the cost of Christian education versus the value of Christian education. I would like to challenge you to not just see this as an economic decision. While economics play a role, please know the least expensive option isn’t always the best.

So, as we are in the middle of the opt-in time for continuous enrollment, I encourage you to look at what CCS provides:

  • a Christ-centered education
  • a nurturing and caring environment
  • a talented faculty and staff that loves and prays for their students and families
  • a complete college prep education from preschool through high school (over $600,000 in scholarships awarded to the Class of 2017)
  • small class sizes (12: 1 student to teacher ratio)
  • a variety of extra-curricular activities (service, academic, sports, arts, intramurals, etc.)
  • a strong arts program
  • an accredited institution (ACSI and SACS through AdvancED)
  • a fiscally responsible organization (very little debt and low dependence on donations – less than 5% of the school’s income)
  • a school committed to progress and excellence

The next question: Is CCS perfect? Absolutely not!! I can speak with complete authority that the Headmaster is a sinner. However, his desire and the desire of this faculty are to please God in every area of this ministry. So we are always looking for ways to respond in a more Christ-like manner.

As you consider opting-in to our continuous enrollment process, I encourage you to weigh the statements above against the financial sacrifice. I believe you will find the true value of Calvary Christian School and what we provide to our students and families.

Thank you for the investment you have made in your child’s education and future.