I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas break and happy New Year! We are entering the busiest part of the school year, so hold on.


Many of your gave sacrificially in the month of December to bless our teachers with a Christmas bonus. Thank you for your generosity. Due to your kindness each of our faculty and staff members received a nice Christmas bonus before they left for break. Thank you for thinking of them.


One of the highlights for the year is Spirit Week, coming up at the end of this month. It is a wonderful time to celebrate school spirit with special activities during the school day, culminating with the Cougar Classic and Spirit Court on the weekend. This year, the games and opponents we have scheduled will necessitate a slight change in Spirit Court. Because our opponents will be traveling from Louisville, we will be having three games on Friday night. This would push Spirit Court until almost 11:00 pm. So to alleviate this situation the following changes have been made. First, Spirit Court will take place between the second and third game, right before our varsity boy’s play. Second the presentation of the Spirit Court will take place in the center of the basketball court closer to the audience and be a bit shorter. Any of our Boy’s Varsity Players will go to the locker room to change for the game, following the Spirit Court. Thank you for understanding these changes.


One of the most difficult decisions we have to make at CCS is what to do when it snows.  We are up early looking at forecasts, looking at current weather, testing the roads, coordinating snow removal.  We have students and faculty coming from seven different counties in three states with a wide range of travel conditions. Student, faculty and family safety is our number one priority.  There are many things we take into consideration, including the temperature, a large percentage of student drivers who are traversing sometimes treacherous, windy roads in the dark, our ability to get our large lot cleared sufficiently (we are at the mercy of a service).  All of these factors are considered so please understand when the decision is made, it has not been made lightly.  Additionally, we try to make the decision early (even the night before), but this is not always possible.

In the event of a cancellation, you will be notified in the following ways:

  • The 4 four major Cincinnati news outlets
  • The CCS and Dr. Dickens Facebook Pages
  • The CCS and Dr. Dickens Twitter Accounts
  • The CCS and Dr. Dickens Instagram Page
  • An all-school email from Mrs. Switzer
  • An alert sent from the CCS Cougars App (be sure to download this App for your phone and turn on notifications under the settings)

If we do not cancel school and road/travel conditions are treacherous where you live, please contact the school and this will be considered an excused absence.  You may email teachers for any homework and they will do their best to email it to you.


Pastor Andre Rusch has served CCS for several years as our Campus Pastor, providing leadership for our Chapel program.  He has recently taken a position at Montgomery Community Church and is leaving the Campus Pastor position.  We will miss him in that role, however he and Charlotte will still be around as a school parents, as Mason continues at CCS.

We are excited to welcome Pastor Jason Walsh, the Calvary Baptist Church Youth Pastor as our new Campus Pastor.  I look forward to working with Jason as he ministers to our students.  Like Andre, he will be spending Wednesdays at CCS leading chapel, participating in co-gros and ministering with our students.  When you get a chance, please welcome Pastor Jason to his new role at CCS.

Thank you for your continued support of CCS. We covet your prayers as we move into this time of re-enrollment and the beginning of Continuous Re-enrollment. Be on the watch for an email in the next few weeks explaining the details.

Stay warm!!