I’ve begun several blogs with the same phrase, “I can’t believe it’s already . . . .” But once again, I can’t believe we are already staring at the holidays, with Thanksgiving and Christmas, literally, right around the corner.

I want to spend a few moments talking about something that is becoming a greater and greater danger to the life and soul of your child. I could talk about guns, drugs, alcohol, etc. While these are still great dangers, I believe there is a greater danger. Most of your children carry it in their purse or pocket. It is their cellphone. Not really the cellphone per se, but the apps downloaded on their phone, the availability of their phone 24/7 and how they use their phone.

The cellphones we carry today are amazing. The one sitting in front of me is more powerful than the computers used to land a man on the moon and bring him back to Earth. It has also given us almost unlimited access to information. Additionally, it has provided multiple platforms for communication. However, it has also brought easy access to pornography; provided a new avenues to bully; hatched dangerous opportunities for people to share intimate pictures and thoughts; opened up new spaces for predators; and created a new way for our children to get into trouble . . . both spiritual and legal trouble.

The unrestricted use of these wonderful devices is leading to numerous life-altering and destructive addictions; the damaging of friendships, marriages and reputations; and the entrance into previously untalked-about perversions that are used by the Enemy to steal our joy and our souls.

As parents, we would never give a loaded gun to our child and simply say “Don’t shoot yourself.” But in many ways we have done that with cellphones.  Nobody intentionally seeks after addictions or ruined lives. It usually happens due to inattention to circumstances and unwise decisions. We are seeing more and more young people, who profess to be Christians and who come from strong Christian families and are very active in their local churches, walk down these paths of self-destruction.

Please take the time to address the use of cellphones with your child. Remind them that there is a lot of trouble they can get in both spiritual and legal with their phone.  Examine their phones for unhealthy and destructive apps. Put a block on their phone that only allows apps that you approve. (The first thing I would do is delete Snapchat!) Inspect their phone periodically. Check out the Family Technology video by Pastor Corey Abney in the August 22, 2017 blog for more details.

This may seem like a daunting task, but the lives of our children are that important. Thank you for reading. Please continue to pray with and our faculty regarding the purity and safety of our students.