They say that March “comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb.” This phrase is used in reference to the difference in weather at the beginning and end of March. I don’t know what the end will be like, but the beginning and middle are definitely like a “lion.”

This phrase can also be applied to the school calendar . . . with the following adjustment: “March comes in like a lion and May goes out like a lamb.” We are beginning the busiest three months of the school year. Just to recap, we began March with a Mission Day, Co-Gro Service Day and an outstanding Cougar Crop. We are currently in the middle of “play week.” (If you haven’t purchased your tickets to the play yet, please do so by contacting the school office . . . you don’t want to miss the CCS rendition of “Cinderella.”) Coming out of play week we have 6th Grade International Day and we begin the events surrounding the Cougar Fun Run, our spring fundraiser. The Fun Run will go a long way in helping us reach our Annual Campaign goal of $125,000. (We are about $29,000 away from our goal!!)

As we move into April, we go right into Terra Nova 3 testing. We finish our testing and then take a week (plus one day) off for Spring Break. We come back from Spring Break with the ACT test for juniors and the practice AP exams for all of our AP students. Then it is class trip time. Our seniors, 8th graders and 3rd graders all have overnight trips. Boom!! It’s May.

We all know what happens in May: volunteer appreciation, Jr./Sr. Prom, concerts, Salute to 6th Grade, Preschool End of Year Program, Kindergarten Graduation, Seniors Last Day, Senior Awards Banquet, Awards Day, Senior Chapel and Graduation. EXHALE!! Things are coming at us fast and furious, so hold on, it’s going to be a fun ride.

20/20 Vision: A Strategic Plan to Lead Calvary Christian School into the Year 2020

Our strategic plan is almost ready for release. You will be able to access an electronic copy of this plan from the school’s website on Friday, March 24th. Printed copies will be available in early April. I want to thank all of those individuals who gave their time to craft this vision for the future. I’m excited about what God has in store for CCS. Please pray that God will give us wisdom as we begin to prioritize our objectives.

Enrollment for 2017-2018

The Lord continues to bless us with strong re-enrollment and new enrollment. This year it looks like we will finish the year with 399 students. Our budget for next year is set at 390 students. We experienced a 91% re-enrollment rate (with a few yet to re-enroll) and have already received 35 new applications putting us at 361 students for next year. Over the last 5 years we have averaged between 80-100 new student applications. While not all of those applications matriculate as students, if we continue that trend, the CCS enrollment should eclipse 400 next year for the first time in 7 years. Classes are filling up fast. If you haven’t re-enrolled, or you know someone who is interested, please act soon.

Thank you for your continued support and prayers. Calvary Christian School’s continued success is due to God’s blessing and your gracious support.