HAPPY NEW YEAR! We have started the 2nd semester and things are going very well.

Enrollment has increased! New students have joined us and now we are at 402. Praise the Lord!! We had a wonderful Open House in January and we are anticipating another strong showing at our February Open House. If you know of any families interested in CCS, please let them know that our final Open House is Saturday, February 11th from 10 a.m. – 12 p.m.

Our giving to the Annual Campaign has increased as well. We have reached 72 percent of our goal, just over halfway through the year. Please continue to help us achieve this important goal.

We have many exciting events coming up within the next few months: Spirit Week, Cougar Classic, Cougar Crop, Cinderella, Cougar Fun Run, etc.

We have hired some great coaches for our spring sports programs (please see my last blog post for more info). We have also hired a new Volleyball Coach, Mrs. Becky Stelzer and a new Golf Coach, Mr. Troy Pearce, for the fall. Mr. Jeremy Leach is doing a fantastic job as our new Athletic Director.

We will roll out our Strategic Plan in just a couple of months. This plan will guide CCS decision making for the next few years.  Twenty-five people (school parents, students, faculty and staff, school board members and alumni) have spent many hours working through this process.  We are excited to present it to the CCS family later this spring.

For Christmas I received a number of books . . . 9 to be exact. Books are my favorite Christmas present. They ranged from books about the USS Indianapolis to the impact of World War One on J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis. A number of those books are biographies. One of the books (I’ve already read four of them) is a collection of short biographies. One of these biographies is about George Muller, the German-English Christian who established orphanages in England and cared for more than 10,000 orphans in his lifetime. John Piper, in A Camaraderie of Confidence quotes Muller:

The three chief reasons for establishing an Orphan-House are: 1) That God may be glorified should He be pleased to furnish me with the means, in its being seen that it is not a vain thing to trust in Him; and that thus the faith of His children may be strengthened. 2) The spiritual welfare of fatherless and motherless children. 3) Their temporal welfare. (p.70)

Muller succinctly establishes what I believe should be our priority at Calvary Christian School. First and foremost, we should exist to unapologetically bring Glory and Honor to God. The challenge for all of us, is that this should be manifested in our efforts in the classroom, hallways, courts, fields, the stage, etc. with students, faculty, administration and coaches; and it should be manifested in our compassionate, patient and kind interactions with each other, whether faculty and staff, students or parents. Second, the very word in our name that sets us apart from other schools is “Christian.” We should always be striving to train our students to think and respond biblically. Finally, if we take care of the first two we will provide a quality, college-prep, Christ-centered education, because God wants excellence and He deserves it. Will we ever arrive? No. Does this diminish our responsibility to “Aim High” (thank you Air Force)? No.

Finally, many of you donated to our Faculty and Staff Christmas Bonus. Between CCS families and members at Calvary Baptist Church, we received $21,000 for this bonus, allowing us to provide our 60 employees with a nice gift.  Thank you for your continued generosity to this staff.

As we begin our second semester. I covet your prayers for me personally and for the entire school family as we seek to Glorify God, care for the spiritual welfare of our students and provide a top-notch educational experience.